Help us make a lasting impact.

For the last 30 years, people all over the country have been leaving their Christian faith in nearly unprecedented ways. Over 30% of those who once called themselves Chrsitians have decided they no longer identify with their faith, and the rate of those leaving the faith for atheism, agnosticism, or nothing in particular is only increasing. For the 4 million people in metro Detroit, the trend is no different: churches are closing, ministries are losing their influence, and people from every generation continue to move away from their relationship with Jesus as the central focus of their life.

For Cam Underdown and Amanda Kozlowski, however, their personal experience has been largely the opposite. During this era when their peers were moving away from Christ in large numbers, both Cam (a former atheist) and Amanda (a first generation Christ follower) came to know Christ in deep personal ways, giving their lives and vocations to helping a new generation of people become devoted followers of Jesus. For 15 years, they together and individually have developed highly impactful ministries targeting teens, college students, international students, and metro Detroiters in all walks of life, helping lead many people to Christ through their efforts.

Their newest endeavor, Zera, is designed to grow these efforts and produce a rich harvest of new and mature Jesus followers all over metro Detroit. Zera is the Hebrew word for seed, which is the inspiration for their new work: a plant has reached maturity when it is able to create seeds and multiply. In keeping with that inspiration, for the next 25 years, Zera’s goal is to develop one new ministry team every year with its own clear focus to help a distinct group of people who feel far from God become mature followers of Jesus.

Jesus said to his followers, “The harvest is great, but the workers are few. So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields.” Since 2008, Cam and Amanda have answered the call to go, helping reap the harvest of what was seeded in generations past. Now, through Zera, they want to increase those efforts by helping to send more workers to seed a new generation of mature Jesus followers who can transform metro Detroit and the world around them.